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December 16, 2016 by Shasha Mirjana

It’s been a busy year with The Hive Think Tank, the largest community of data experts with over 9000 ‘databees’. The Hive Think Tank brings together the community of entrepreneurs, business and technology practitioners focused on the use of AI and Big Data approaches. Almost every week, from 150 to 800 of these individuals meet to participate in The Hive’s thought leadership events that include talks, panel discussions and dinner discussions.

This year, we have organized 26 The Hive Think Tank events with speakers, such as Prof. Jitendra Malik of UC Berkeley, Richard Socher, Chief Scientist at Salesforce, Steve Blank of Lean Startup, Doug Cutting, father of Hadoop, Prof. Bernie Roth, founder of Stanford’s d.School, Raghu Ramakrishnan, CTO for Data at Microsoft, Harel Kodesh, CTO of GE Digital, Prith Banerjee, CTO of Schneider Electric, Jure Leskovec, chief scientist at Pinterest, to name a few.

Topics of discussion ranged from deep visual understanding to deep learning, digital weaponization and industrial cybersecurity, machine learning at Pinterest, stream processing systems, autonomous navigation, AI-driven customer support automation, machine learning applications in genomics, deep learning and NLP and many more.

The Hive Think Tank is a part of The Hive, a venture studio that co-creates, funds and launches AI and data startups to create value and disrupt markets.

We’d love to thank to our speakers, The Hive Think Tank Meetup community, and sponsors SAP, VISA, TIBCO, Pinterest, Cloudera.

We’ll be back next year, with talks from thought leaders in AI and data space.

If you’ve missed any of The Hive Think Tank talks, and would like to review them, we post all of them to our Hive Mumble YouTube channel, Slideshare, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

We hope to see you all again in 2017.

Happy Holidays!

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