• T.M. Ravi Managing Director and Co-founder

    Ravi leads The Hive that works with entrepreneurs and corporations to co-create startups that leverage AI and data. 

  • Sumant Mandal Co-Founder

    Sumant brings 12 years of venture capital experience and has generated multiple meaningful exits in companies he has either incubated or been the first institutional investor.

  • Kamesh Raghavendra Chief Product Officer

    Kamesh focuses on product and works with entrepreneurs in areas of IoT, security, enterprise applications, blockchains

  • Mohan Reddy CTO

    Mohan has worked with IBM, Schlumberger, Travelocity and Zynga (reverse order) where he architected machine learning systems and built platforms to scale to millions of users.

  • Katie Fritsch Director of Marketing

    Katie Fritsch is the Director of Marketing at the Hive and recently was part of the startup, Nervana Systems which was acquired by Intel in 2016.

  • Matti Watt
    Matti Watt Operations Manager

    Matti manages all operations for The Hive, supports The Hive Think Tank, and applies her M.S. in Organizational & Consumer Psychology to help enrich The Hive’s environment.


  • Dana Moraly
    Dana Moraly CFO of The Hive

    Dana has been Chief Financial for Clearstone Venture Partners for 15 years. She was also Senior Manager of M&A at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Senior Auditor with Deloitte & Touche.

  • Rita Cardenas
    Rita Cardenas Accountant for The Hive

    Rita has been the Accountant at Clearstone Venture Partners for 14 years.

  • Craig Reston
    Craig Reston Controller for The Hive

    Craig has been the Controller at Clearstone Venture Partners for 13 years and previously an auditor with Ernst & Young.