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Sensify Security is a unique application of distributed ledger (“blockchain”) technology in cybersecurity for the Internet of Thing (IoT) that redefines the resilience to threats, cost economics, and scale for securing billions of connected devices. Sensify provides a path-breaking decentralized approach for authorization of assets, sensors and 3rd party applications. Sensify’s unique approach to identity & authentication addresses new access paths between apps and devices, and cost efficiencies for IoT. Sensify is based in Palo Alto and seed funded by The Hive.

Sensify’s product addresses new vulnerabilities created by IoT applications controlling connected devices at unprecedented scales, which exposes a significantly larger attack surface to adversaries. Sensify’s Decentralized Authorization service leverages distributed ledger based consensus network to contain the attack surface by increasing the adversaries’ cost of attack, while increasing the scale of the service. It offers a software Security Gateway designed to be deployed at the Edge for offering identity, access management and data security & authenticity services to all connected devices & IoT applications. Its cloud-hosted Enterprise Security Broker integrates with a number of existing directory and IAM services, while augmenting them with new attributes for devices & applications.


Chief Executive Officer


Neva is a VC funded startup at The Hive in Palo Alto, CA solving one of the most challenging problems facing the modern connected enterprise: fixing customer service. Neva uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to automate issue management for users and incident management for agents.

Neva’s team of AI and NLP experts is developing cutting edge semantic parsing technologies to curate and consolidate knowledge across the enterprise. This knowledge graph forms the foundation of Neva’s deep learning-based predicate reasoning engine.

In the future, all support will be delivered via interactive, autonomous agents accessible from interfaces like chat, voice, and video. Neva’s product and vision have been recognized by leaders in the community as the catalyst that will finally make life better for everyone who has ever waited on hold, cursed into the phone, or received poor support from poorly-trained human agents.


Senior Data Engineering

Senior Data Scientist

Full Stack Engineer