• T.M. Ravi
    T.M. RaviManaging Director and Co-founder

    T. M. Ravi is co-founder of The Hive that works with entrepreneurs to help create businesses and that leverage data. 

  • Sumant Mandal
    Sumant MandalCo-Founder

    Sumant Mandal works with entrepreneurs to help create businesses and that leverage data.

  • Mohan Reddy
    Mohan ReddyCTO

    For over 19 years, Mohan has worked with IBM, Schlumberger, Travelocity and Zynga where he architected and built platforms to scale to millions of users.

  • Kamesh Raghavendra
    Kamesh RaghavendraPrincipal

    Kamesh works with The Hive entrepreneurs addressing market segments in areas of Internet of Things, security, enterprise applications, blockchain, de-centralized apps and financial services.

  • Catherine Lee
    Catherine LeeOperations and Events Manager

    Catherine is our go-to person at The Hive. She manages our operations, Think Tank events and also works in HR and marketing.



  • Dana Moraly
    Dana MoralyCFO of The Hive

    CFO of a number of The Hive startups and March Capital Partners. After 15 years as Chief Financial Officer for Clearstone, Dana joins the Investment Team at March Capital Partners. She is also Senior Manager of M&A at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Senior Auditor with Deloitte & Touche.

    • Rita Cardenas
      Rita CardenasAccountant for The Hive

      Joins March Capital Partners after spending the previous 14 years as the Accountant at Clearstone Venture Partners. Rita has also provided accounting services for affiliated companies such as The Hive and The Fabric.

      • Craig Reston
        Craig RestonController for The Hive

        Controller at Clearstone Ventures for 13 years and previously an auditor with Ernst & Young. Craig has also worked as a consultant for numerous affiliated companies, including Montgomery & Co, The Fabric and The Hive.