Adam Back | CEO, Blockstream

Adam Leipzig | CEO, Savvis

Akram AbouEmara | Technical Director, Hortonworks

Alan Gates | Co-Founder, Crescendo Biosciences

Alex Bangs | CIO 

Alex Salkever | Global Product Manager, Telefonica

Alexander Eckehart Urban | Assistant Prof., Stanford Medicine

Andrew First | CTO, LeanPlum

Andrew Blachman | CEO, Tophatter

Andy Bartley | CEO,

Angel Vina | CEO & Founder, Denodo Technologies

Ann Moore | Director, OSIsoft

Arun Murthy | Founder and Architect, Hortonworks

Bradley Voytek | Data Evangelist, Uber

Brian Wilcove | Partner, Artiman

Caitlin Smallwood | Director of Customer Science, Netflix

Charles Zedlewski | VP Products, Cloudera

Cheng-Tao Chu | Director of Analytics, Codecademy

Christian Posse | Program Manager, Technology, Google

Chris Carver | President, ATG Risk Solutions

Chris Edgette

Christine Hertzog | Managing Director, Smart Grid Library

Christophe Biget | co-CEO, iVentures Consulting

Claire Waast | Chief Information Officer, EDF

Cynthia Phillips | CEO, G Media Partners

Dan Carroll | Co-Founder, Clever

Daniel Canogar | Technological Artworks

Dave Hitz| VP and Founder, NetApp

David GersterBigML

David SteierDeloitte

Deepak Chopra 

Derrick HarrisGigaom

Dhruba BorthakurFacebook

Dominique Piotet | CEO, RebellionLab

Doug Cutting | Chief Architect, Cloudera

Dylan Arena | Co-Founder, Kidaptive

Ed Abbo | President and CTO, C3 Energy

Edward Tufte | Professor, Yale University

Elizabeth Dwoskin| Wall Street Journal

Ellen Friedman | Consultant in Big Data

Eri Gentry | Founder, BioCurious

Ed Abbo | Computational Scientist, 23andme

Eric L. Miller | Founder, SCVsoft

Francosis Dauphin | Energy and Utility Business Expert, HP

Francosis Xavier Rongere | Manager R&D, PG&E

George Mohler | Chief Scientist, PredPol

Greg Tanaka | CEO, Bay Sensors

Haobo Xu | Software Engineer, Facebook

Harel Kodesh| CTO of GE Digital and GM of Predix

Helen Zhu | CEO, Chictopia

Hemant Shah | President and CEO, Risk Management Solutions

Ian Blumenfeld | Data Scientist in Healthcare

Helen Zhu | CEO, Oroeco

Jason Tsai | Director, Gilead Sciences

Javier de la Torre | CEO and Co-Founder, Vizzuality

Jay Kreps | Principal Staff Engineer, LinkedIn

Jean Claude van Duysen | Director of R&D, EDF USA

Jeff Karras | Managing Director, Innov8

Jim Green | CEO, Composite Software

Jonathan Gray | Co-Founder and CTO, Continuuity

Jonathan Reichental | Chief Information Officer, Palo Alto

John Brett | VP Marketing, Preclarity

Josh Wexle | GM Mobile, Rubicon Project

Juliette Melton | IDEO

Justin Erickson | Director of Product Management, Cloudera

Ken Perez | SVP of Marketing and Director, MedeAnalytics

Kerem Tomak | VP Marketing Analytics, Macys

Kimberley J. Gunther | Business Solution Specialist, IBM

Klaus Ostermann |VP & GM, Citrix

Kumaresh Pattabiraman | Senior Product manager, LinkedIn

Kurt Buecheler | SVP, Business Development, Streetline

Laura Schewel | Founder and CEO, StreetLight Data

Linda Jackman | VP of Industry Strategy, Oracle Utilities

Macario Namie | VP Marketing, Jasper

Matei Zaharia | CTO, DataBricks

Matt Sweeney | Engineering lead, Uber

Matt Wakefield | Director of IT , EPRI

Mazda Marvasti | VP, VMware

M.C Srinivas | Chief Architect, Spinnaker Networks

Michael Conover | Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn

Michael Greene | Head of Customer 360 view, Symantec

Michael Krull | SVP, Resilient Corporation

Michael Milken

Mike Bushong | VP Marketing, Plexxi

Mike Olson | Co-Founder, Cloudera

Mike Simmons | VP Business Development, Automatic Labs

Milind Bhandakar | Chief Scientist, Pivotal

Moe Tanabian | Head of Smart Things IoT Innovation Lab, Samsung

Nigam Shah | Biomedical Informatics Faculty, Stanford

Patrick Wendell | Co-Founder, DataBricks

Paul Longhenry | VP & GM, Tapjoy

Pavan Singh | Head, IoT Verticals Strategy, Cisco

Peter Hirshberg | Chairman & Co-Founder, Gray Area Foundation

Philippe Stephan | CTO, RMS

Prabakar Sundarrajan | Founder & CTO, The Fabric

Priyank Patel | Director of Product Management, Teradata

Rachel Barge | Director of Marketing, Yerdle

Rachel Kalmar | Data scientist, Misfit Wearables

Raghu Ramakrishnan | CTO of Information Services, Microsoft

Raffel Marty | Founder, Pix|Cloud

Rajeev Singh | Chief Software Architect, AutoGrid

Rajiv Synghal | Principal Big Data Strategy, Kaiser Permanente

Rajesh Parekh | Senior Director, Groupon

Ram Nagaraj | Director of BI & Data Management, Aruba

Ram Nagaraj | Professor, Stanford

Reynold Xin | Co-Founder, Databricks

Rhett Alden | Chief Software Architect, GE Healthcare

Rob Goldman | Head of Monetization, Facebook

Roger Magoulas | Director, Research + Analysis, O’Reilly Media

Romain Lacombre | Head of Innovation, France PM Office

Roz Saavage | Adventurer, Campaigner, Environmentalist

Russel Jurney | Data Scientist, The Hive

Sandy Pentland | MIT

Sanjay Krishnamurthi | Chief Architect, Informatica

Sanjay Radia | Co-Founder, HortonWorks

Satish Krishnamurthy | Co-Founder, Deep Forest Media

Saurabh Amin | Assistant Professor, MIT

Sean Suchter | Founding GM of Search Technology Center, Microsoft

Shan Carter | Graphic Editor, The New York Times

Shahram Rezaei, PhD | Founder and CEO, LocX

Sha Hwang | Design Technologist , Trulia

Shashi Kiran | Manager of BI, Cisco

Shobana Sankaran | Insurance Exec, California Casualty Management Company

Sendil Thangavelu | Corporate Director, Flextronics

Srinivas | Data Search Infrastructure, Google

Sriram Sankar | Principal Staff Engineer, LinkedIn

Steve Adler | Information Strategist, IBM

Steve Blank| Lean Startup

Steve Wozniak | Primary Data Chief Scientist

Steven Yarger | Head of Mobile, Trulia

Subutai Ahmad | VP of Engineering, Grok Solutions

Susheel Kaushik | Sr. Director of Product Management, Pivotal

Ted Dunning | Chief Application Architect, MapR

Theresa Wong | Director, Global Strategy, Verizon

Therese Tierney | Director of Urban Research Lab, University of Illinois

Tierney Thys | National Geographic Explorer and Educator 

TJ Giuli | Research Lab Leader, Ford Motor Company

TM Ravi | Founder, The Hive

Tomer Shiran | VP Product Management, MapR

Tom White | Software Engineer, Cloudera

Tony Wan | MD, EdSurge

Tyler Kohn | Co-Founder & CTO, RichRelevance

Vrunda Rathod | Policy Expert, Engine Advocacy

Wes Grubbs | Owner, Pitch Interactive

Will Young | Director, Zappos lab

Xiangrui Meng | Development of Machine learning library, Databricks

Ya Xu | Senior Applied Researcher, Microsoft

Yohan Vitteth | VP Data and Analytics, Stanford Hospital