The Hive works actively with founders to co-create, fund and launch startups focused on AI in the Enterprise. The Hive model is a high touch model, that applies its entrepreneurial and operational experience to accelerate company building. The Hive team consists of successful company-builders, serial entrepreneurs and investors who have created market-leading companies with several billion dollars in exits.



The in-house team of well-known company builders, serial entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors working alongside founders to propel startups through each phase of their growth.


Seed financing between $1.5 million to $2 million with follow-on participation and help syndicating future rounds of financing with venture capitalists and strategic partners.

Technology Guidance

Architecture, design, and technical guidance from The Hive technology team and mentorship from investors and advisors of The Hive who are some of the world’s most prominent technology experts.

Early Customers & Partners

The Hive has a set of strategic partnerships with corporations that we leverage to help our startups build their first set of customers and go-to-market partners.

Team Design

The Hive helps founders complement the founding team as needed and build the early startup team with its unique access to top talent in AI, domain areas, and vertical segments.

Collaboration Space

The Hive startups can be located at our vibrant space in downtown Palo Alto where they collaborate with The Hive team and share best practices with other startups.


Building and deploying machine learning / deep learning models in a production environment requires complex assembling and orchestration of many components. These include ingestion, transformation, data lineage, model training lineage, validation and finally model serving. Usually, all of this is done ad-hoc using custom code by data scientists and data engineers for specific use cases, often time leading to duplicated effort and fragile systems.

Euclid is a general purpose platform built at The Hive under the leadership of our CTO, Mohan Reddy to address the problem of developing and serving production grade machine learning models in a matter of weeks and not months. Euclid is designed to standardize machine learning workflows and tools such as data labeling, monitoring, model management, etc., to build and operate these systems at scale.

The Hive provides this stack to our startups to enable rapid development of AI-powered applications. Startups get to market faster by focusing on their applications and domain-specific value-add and leveraging best-in-class core AI services and data infrastructure.

End-to-End Architecture

Why the hiveFOR corporations

Co-Innovation Partner

The Hive has close relationships with a number of corporations who become early customers of our startups. The Hive’s focus of AI in the Enterprise is of significant value to corporations that are going through “Digital Transformation” and want to embrace innovative approaches to transform their business. Corporations engage with our startups as customers to get early access to cutting edge technology and to be able to shape the product to meet their needs. Startups benefit by having co-innovation partners who drive product-market fit and referencability.

Solutions Partner

The Hive has deep relationships with the Big 4, consulting companies and industrial vendors who partner with our companies to build joint solutions based on AI that they take to their clients to help them in their transformation journey.

Innovation Ecosystem

Corporations such as IBM, SAP, Intuit, TIBCO, CSRA, Microsoft, Cloudera, Visa, etc. have been sponsors of The Hive Think Tank, an innovation and thought leadership forum focused on “All Things AI” with tracks on AI, Cognitive Enterprise, Internet of Things, FinTech & InsureTech, 5G, Blockchain, Health, and Entrepreneurship. The Hive Think Tank is the largest community of AI and data innovators in the SF Bay Area with a content platform and an event platform with over 11K members and regular events of 100-800 people in attendance every two weeks. The Hive Think Tank connects corporations to the AI innovation ecosystem in the Bay Area.

Corporate Co-creation

Corporations such as Verizon, GE, Rockwell Automation, Software AG and Hitachi have invested in The Hive as an external innovation studio that is part of a portfolio of innovation strategies – internal innovation, partnership/acquisition, corporate venture capital, and external innovation. This is the most strategic form of partnership with The Hive and the key co-creation benefits for the corporation is the ability to co-create startups with specific market focus and have front row access to startups for go-to-market partnerships, financing, and strategic engagements.


The Hive’s co-creations and investments are thematic and focused on areas in the enterprise where AI will drive multi-billion dollars market opportunities in the next few years

Business Processes

Digital Risk

Industry 4.0

Ambient Intelligence

Digital Health

Enterprise & Industries

The Hive invests in applications and uses cases in functional areas of the enterprise and in vertical industry segments

General Enterprise


Financial Services




The Hive leverages its deep expertise in technologies that are enabling digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence


Computer Vision