Good Things Come in Pairs: Digital Twins with Rockwell Automation and The Hive

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by Katie Fritsch, Director of Marketing, The Hive

The Hive is ready for their Data Bees!

Last week, over 100 people eagerly came to The Hive Think Tank to hear Sujeet Chand, SVP and CTO of Rockwell Automation discuss “Digital Twins for delivering business value in Industrial IoT”. TIBCO Software, a sponsor of The Hive, graciously hosted the event at their HQ in Palo Alto. The event consisted of an introduction by Nelson Petracek, CTO of TIBCO Software, and T.M. Ravi, Managing Director of The Hive before transitioning into the main event where the audience learned of Rockwell’s AI Strategy. As one would expect from any meetup by The Hive Think Tank, the event was a huge success!

From Left to Right: T.M. Ravi, Sujeet Chand and Nelson Petracek

Rockwell Automation does $6.3 Billion annually in sales analytics, data storage, and unstructured analysis enabling improvements in risk, total cost of ownership, and time to market. A growing set of technologies in scalable computing, virtual reality, big data, and robotics are enabling the new emergent paradigm of connected enterprise. Sujeet spoke specifically about use cases in the industrial enterprise, and the transformation toward Digital Twins.

Sujeet outlined the foundations of Digital Twins in the ongoing digital transformation led by industrial IoT or Industry 4.0. Industrial operators are turning into connected enterprises through the real-time confluence of data across both operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) for continuous alignment of operational decisions (in production, maintenance, quality etc.) with business decisions (in supply chain, inventory management, logistics etc.). They are also turning into smart enterprises by letting business outcomes drive automated data collection and processing at scale. Edge intelligence has emerged as a crucial data infrastructure platform to deliver pre-processing and structure into data collected, which unravel hidden patterns in data created by the electro-mechanical conditions of systems. All these have made information processing an inextricable part of close-loop industrial control.

Sujeet Chand and a captive audience

Sujeet continued to elaborate on the concept of Digital Twin as digitally designed virtual systems built on the aforementioned foundation. These virtual systems represent processes, products or services being operated in the physical world in the form of purpose-built data models. Digital Twins deploy these digital models to turn physical sensor data into business value. Sujeet listed a broad spectrum of business values being led by Digital Twins across the entire industrial production lifecycle including training, design, testing, commissioning, operations and incident resolution. Digital Twins are kept modular and specific to the intended business value in order to fuel agility and innovation. The audience was thrilled to see a video of an application of Digital Twins with Microsoft Hololens that projects operational intelligence in manufacturing as a augmented reality experience for workers.

Rockwell Automation and ManpowerGroup launched the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing — a joint effort to provide 1,000 military veterans per year with the skills to succeed in advanced manufacturing roles. In November, the first 15 people joined this inaugural class graduated and have move on to roles such as instrumentation, automation, and controls technicians, helping to fill a critical skills gap in U.S. manufacturing.

Silicon Valley AI Data Bees were fascinated with Sujeet’s presentation and couldn’t stop asking him questions! After a long day of work, there was no slowing down this audience! They wanted to learn more on AI and Big Data in Manufacturing. As one of the AI enthusiasts from Google said, “I’m so glad to have found this community! This is the best meetup to understand other corporations AI strategy and how they are innovating. I can’t wait for more events!”

The event concluded with a Raffle by TIBCO Software (winners above), and opportunities for networking.

To view the full presentation visit TIBCO’s Youtube, or The Hive Slidesharepage. Still hungry for more Digital twins? Learn how to digitally transform your operations into a Connected Enterprise to help improve almost any aspect of your enterprise performance.

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