• T.M. Ravi Managing Director and Co-founder

    Ravi leads The Hive that works with entrepreneurs and corporations to co-create startups that leverage AI and data. 

  • Sumant Mandal Co-Founder

    Sumant brings 12 years of venture capital experience and has generated multiple meaningful exits in companies he has either incubated or been the first institutional investor.

  • Kamesh Raghavendra Chief Product Officer

    Kamesh focuses on product and works with entrepreneurs in areas of IoT, security, enterprise applications, blockchains

  • Mohan Reddy CTO

    Mohan has worked with IBM, Schlumberger, Travelocity and Zynga (reverse order) where he architected machine learning systems and built platforms to scale to millions of users.

  • Matti Watt
    Matti Watt Operations Manager

    Matti manages all operations for The Hive, supports The Hive Think Tank, and applies her M.S. in Organizational & Consumer Psychology to help enrich The Hive’s environment.


  • Dana Moraly
    Dana Moraly CFO of The Hive

    Dana has been Chief Financial for Clearstone Venture Partners for 15 years. She was also Senior Manager of M&A at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Senior Auditor with Deloitte & Touche.

  • Rita Cardenas
    Rita Cardenas Accountant for The Hive

    Rita has been the Accountant at Clearstone Venture Partners for 14 years.

  • Craig Reston
    Craig Reston Controller for The Hive

    Craig has been the Controller at Clearstone Venture Partners for 13 years and previously an auditor with Ernst & Young.

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