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The Hive ( is a fund and co-creation studio based in Palo Alto, CA to co-create startups focused on AI based applications in the enterprise. The Hive works actively with founders to help create, fund and launch data-driven startups. The Hive team consists of successful company builders, serial entrepreneurs and investors who have created market-leading companies with several billion dollars in exits. The Hive invests in early stages of a startup and the typical investment size is $2M-$3M. Areas of focus include: Conversational Agents for Business, AI driven Enterprise Automation, IoT, Security, and Ambient Commerce.



Geminus is the world’s first industrial process-centric digital twin product that delivers self-optimized design, predictive operational intelligence and asset performance enhancement to operators and engineering service providers. The product leverages physics-constrained artificial intelligence to deliver high-fidelity O&M intelligence and to continuously optimize the designs of assets & processes. Geminus integrates with operational data through SCADA systems, historian software, sensor gateways, and enterprise asset management to trigger physics-constrained AI modeling of the end-to-end process for every significant time slice of data. This generates high-fidelity operational intelligence and design recommendations to prevent multi-step failures, adverse shifts in yield, structural process faults and degraded remaining useful lifetime. The company is based in Palo Alto and venture funded by The Hive. It’s co-founder and Chief Scientist, Karthik Duraisamy, has over a decade of rich experience in physics-based modeling and machine learning through both fundamental research as faculty at Stanford University & the University of Michigan and industry collaborations. The fast-growing R&D team combines experiences across physics modeling, AI, industrial domains and data operations. The product is in pilot deployments in oil & gas and hi-tech manufacturing verticals. The product is also being made available as a module in leading engineering simulation platforms.


VP of Engineering
Data Scientist
Full Stack Engineer

Live Objects

Live Objects is the world’s first closed-loop self-optimizing business process transformation platform. Live Objects delivers continuous AI-driven optimizations to its customers’ business processes to meet actively changing performance, customer experience and risk needs from business operations. The product is delivered as targeted solutions for Order Management, E-commerce and Finance Control. This comes pre-built with necessary domain awareness to plug into the as-is business process implementation and delivers optimized process designs through all leading business process platforms from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and WorkDay.
The company is based in Palo Alto and venture funded by The Hive. It’s co-founder and CTO, Sudipto Dasgupta, has rich experience in both business process platforms and artificial intelligence from his prior technology leadership roles in SAP and Infosys. The fast growing R&D team, comprising of 10 developers, combines experiences across traditional process domains and modern AI platforms. The company released its v1.0 product in July, which is available for licensing with full product support. Live Objects is part of SAP PartnerEdge and is expected to complete SAP Certification of its E-commerce Solution by September, apart being featured in Salesforce AppExchange. Live Objects has a pipeline of early-adopter customers across all three solutions with the first two deployments underway.

Click here to access the Live Objects Solution Brochure.


Data Scientist
Backend Data Engineer

Infrastructure Architect
SAP Techno-functional Expert
VP Product

Director of Product Management


Peritus enables self-healing autonomous datacenters with automated, cognitive support for infrastructure software and hardware. It is a funded startup co-created at The Hive in Palo Alto, CA that delivers artificial intelligence based virtual support expert systems for datacenter service fulfillment and incident resolution.

As datacenter vendors move from on premise to the cloud their existing support system lacks the agility and cost-effectiveness for the cloud. Peritus significantly enhances operational efficiencies of existing support services, and enables managed service providers & system vendors to offer new business continuity entitlements. Peritus assists & automates a wide spectrum of decisions in system support including incident classification, routing, contract coverage, incident resolution recipes and orchestration of incident management between subject matter experts (SMEs).

Peritus’ unique vectorization of system log data drives predictive modeling with highly granular feature extraction for early detection of system events. The platform’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities drive Peritus’ incident modeling and predictive capabilities. The core service fulfillment engine uses a combination of supervised and unsupervised methods to predict incident features from system log data. Peritus delivers automated orchestration of incident resolution through its close integration with existing incident management platforms.

Decision Engines

While RPA has certainly proven its value in the process automation ecosystem, current RPA solutions are unable to deliver the necessary level of automation and scale needed to make an enterprise-wide impact. Current solutions are built on old rule-based technologies and lack the cognitive capabilities that are crucial to automate knowledge processes, run bots in an unattended mode with intelligent exception detection and handling as well the ability to self-heal broken automations. From a solution standpoint, they were primarily designed for front office, assisted automation use cases and are not suited for high volume enterprise-wide back office process automations. They are also designed as closed proprietary systems that require extensive vendor professional services to implement solutions leading to much higher implementation and maintenance costs. In fact, the availability of qualified RPA professionals on each of these proprietary products is a big implementation hurdle today.

Decision Engines Intelligent Process Robotics platform utilizes deep learning and computer vision technologies that let’s Shared Service centers and BPO’s automate and run their automations in a lights-out mode. The key enabling technology is the AI Process platform that comes built in with several self-learning knowledge bots that handle tasks such as reconciliation, decision making, risk assessments, forecasting etc. Part of the platform is an innovative AI-powered process orchestrator which natively understands processes flows and data at a semantic level. It significantly lowers process automation timelines and reduces dependency on professional services & IT by empowering business users to orchestrate these capabilities and auto create optimal process flows. The automation platform is delivered as a service and provides a service net which can be extensible by vendors and IT alike to provide an infinite range of automation possibilities to their customers and business users. On the implementation side, it is designed to be be non-invasive and extends the existing IT stack by integrating seamlessly with in house BPM, SOA and ERP investments.


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