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The Hive is a fund and co-creation studio based in Palo Alto, CA to co-create startups focused on AI-based applications in the enterprise. The Hive works actively with founders to help create, fund and launch data-driven startups. The Hive team consists of successful company builders, serial entrepreneurs, and investors who have created market-leading companies with several billion dollars in exits. The Hive invests in the early stages of a startup and the typical investment size is $2M-$3M. Areas of focus include Reimagining Business Processes, Digital Risks, Industry 4.0, Ambient Intelligence based Workflows, and Digital Health.

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Geminus is a digital twin software-as-a-service (SaaS) that delivers resilient yield, throughput and reliability to industrial systems and processes. The product’s unique physics-constrained AI modeling capabilities provides out-of-box reasoning about complex operational and failure scenarios from sparse system & sensor data. The product is initially focused on digitizing industrial flow networks across energy, manufacturing, semiconductor and building automation verticals. Industrial operators use Geminus to identify, diagnose and remedy disruptions caused by degradation, drift and unseen component interactions.

Geminus deploys and scales easily in both new and existing (brownfield) operational scenarios with no additional sensor deployment requirements. Geminus delivers deep system-level analytics & diagnostics beyond the operational range of historical data. This provides customers significantly more accurate predictions in a data-lean manner. Geminus’ SaaS-style deployment eliminates excessive costs of data acquisition and development. This enables a faster time to production deployment and measurable results in process yield & productivity.

Geminus’ co-founder and Chief Scientist, Karthik Duraisamy, is one of the creators of AI-augmented computational physics and is a faculty member at the University of Michigan. The company’s VP Engineering, Tom Miltonberger, is a seasoned engineering executive with prior leadership across enterprise SaaS, AI and data analytics. Product management is led by Lee Johnson, who has 20+yrs experience in design and simulation. The world-class R&D team combines extensive experience across computational physics, AI, data operations and industrial applications. Geminus is backed by The Hive and Darling Ventures, and is based in Palo Alto, California.

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