[WEBINAR] “Tokens Eating The World”

[WEBINAR] “Tokens Eating The World”

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The last three decades have witnessed software and cloud computing “eating into” every type of business. This has been powered by near-zero infrastructure scaling costs and an intrusive understanding of customer’s digital behavior. While this has resulted in trillions of dollar’s worth of economic value, the unintended consequence has been the centralization of this data infrastructure: an infrastructure controlled by a handful of tech companies. Ironically, it has been quite a journey from what started out as the “Internet” with a flat decentralized topology, with collaboration and access as it core principle, to one controlled by a few large entities with sweeping powers over censorship, pricing, technology decisioning, commerce, and governance itself. Examples abound from cloud behemoths, to eCommerce giants, to “news” networks, to entertainment, and even something as inherently decentralized as gig-worker platforms. As a classic middleman usurping all the power from both the seller and buyer, the tech giants and their “platforms” have devalued both the brand/creators on one side and the user on the other.

Over the past decade however, driven by a unique coming together of technical protocols and social necessities, we now have potential decentralized alternative to the tech monopolies developed over the past decade. This has now shifted the paradigm from being aggregation-driven to ownership-centered – and hence power back to the individual user.

Technologies like blockchain, decentralized tokens, and Web3 now hold promise of a back-to-basics disintermediation of these infrastructure platforms so that digital value is tokenized, priced, and owned by the original creators and shared with their users / buyers. In this model, digital marketplaces do not automatically become custodians of data, digital goods, and pricing – and we don’t need to trust an intermediary to do the right thing. We have seen over $1 trillion of value created in this digital token economy model over the past 5-7yrs.

As the world evolves through the ongoing market turmoil, we will see a generational shift in both user behavior and structure of the digital economy.

11:00 – 11:05 AM: Welcome from The Hive
11:05 – 11:15 AM: Introduction from Speakers
11:15 – 11:50 AM: Panel Discussion
11:50 – 12:00 PM: Audience Q&A


  • Raghuram Madabushi, Director, Pathfinding & Incubation Investments, National Grid Partners: Raghu is a Director at National Grid Partners investing in early stage companies in the broad energy transition and enterprise SW vertical. Raghu has 20+ years of experience with technology, capital markets, and IP/innovation.


  • Jules Miller, Partner, Mindset Ventures: Jules is an investor, 3-time entrepreneur, corporate executive and ‘intrapreneur.’ She is Partner and US Lead for Mindset Ventures, investing in seed – Series B enterprise tech startups, and splits her time between Nashville, TN and New York, NY. She also actively working on VC3, an investment DAO.
  • Andrew Yang, Co-Founder & CEO, Cultos: Andrew is a Forbes 30 under 30 alumni, graduate of the University of Toronto and previously worked in technology sales for Toronto-based Joist and GE Ventures under the New Business Creation team as an EIR. Cultos is an app which enables any brand to bring rewards, loyalty programs and influencer marketing to Web3.

July 13


11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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