The cognitive enterprise is the hallmark of enterprise automation; wherein both operational and strategic decision-making can be automated from artificial intelligence (AI) based extraction of high-level inferences from transactional and operational data. This disruptive generation of cognitive systems is paradigm shifting in terms of their relationships with processes and people in the enterprise. Cognitive systems are taking over enterprise decision-management and are geared to deliver business outcomes with unprecedented levels of consistency, predictability and quality. Cognitive systems will also be able to define processes and navigate through decisions through their deep understanding of patterns in data & autonomy in consuming enterprise’s resources. The role of people in enterprises is shifting from decision-management to policy management. The Hive has co-created startups that are creating cognitive systems for automation of enterprise services.


Autonomous agents are shaping the future of enterprise process delivery and define modern interfaces between people & processes in the enterprise. Enterprise processes are being transformed from being people-led to being driven by autonomous agents. Agents bring large-scale asynchronous communication between people (customers, partners, employees) and enterprise processes, while delivering business outcomes with greater predictability & precision. Agents can adapt processes to scale collaborations between people dispersed across organizations and geographies. Adoption of autonomous agents began a few years back for modern agile application development & deployment processes (called “ChatOps”); it is geared to bring sweeping disruption across other functions including IT service, customer support, sales & marketing, supply-chain management & procurement et al. It is also very relevant in verticals that are heavy on people-led processes like financial services, insurance, credit, healthcare, and legal services.The Hive is focused on co-creating specialized autonomous agents with deep competencies in enterprise business functions and specific verticals.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is often dubbed as the fourth industrial renaissance owing to the wide scale disruption it is bringing to smart machines & autonomous operations, product lifecycle management, asset financing, service & support, and business models for utilizing assets. It is bringing a new class of industrial cyber-physical systems that offers unprecedented levels of agility and operational capabilities. At its core, industrial operations are transforming into consumption of an agile portfolio of software applications, cloud/edge services and entitlements that can be distributed and deployed non-intrusively. Furthermore, the ability to capture and analyze large volumes of machine data brings new capabilities to respond to changes, decision-making and interacting with the ambient physical environment. The combination of these two competencies is driving business disruption in aviation, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, energy, and other sectors. The Hive has been active in the IoT market since 2013 and has developed and funded startups for the Industrial Internet based on artificial intelligence and data technologies. They include startups that provide a platform for monetization & business operations, edge intelligence and edge security services.


The ubiquitous access to mobile platforms combined with the behavioral changes of the millennial generation is redefining aspects of interaction and transaction in commerce & consumer financial services. The new generation of consumers is showing a strong preference towards consuming services like retail, payments, and banking in the form of conversational sessions with human or non-human autonomous agents. This makes these services immersive in the consumers’ social fabric creating a collaborative consumption experience. The experience is further enriched by context that flows freely through the conversations. The major mobile platforms have released strong conversational agent frameworks to facilitate the same seamlessly.


The rapid growth of the global digital economy over this decade has brought unprecedented relevance and  priority to cybersecurity. This has burdened enterprises’ cybersecurity efforts with exploding costs & complexities skewing the economics of cyber-attacks in the favor of adversaries. The Internet of Things is bringing a new  generation of low-cost and low-energy endpoints, expanding the attack surface and vulnerabilities. Fortunately, advancements  in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology platforms hold the promise to tilt the balance away from the adversaries.  Applications of AI can drive deeper automation of security operations, and cover a wider scope of incidents, alarms & systems  per unit of human scrutiny. Blockchain platforms offer the ability to interoperate securely with systems and users with requiring .expensive trust frameworks

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